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Introducing  Roger Arnay and The Circus Company

Although the troupe was only formed in 2000, we have in truth been working together at various events and times over a larger number of years. There is a mixture of ages within our group and so we are able to share ideas with each other. The company therefore keep in touch with the modern trends of Circus performance and music,as well maintaining the the spirit of traditional acts from days gone by. This mixture of ancient and modern allows us to produce a very lively fun filled event for all the family to enjoy, especially with our own unique style of  Circus Workshop.This has been enjoyed by thousands over the years at various events such as, Town shows, Carnivals, Fetes,  school fun days and all  special events. Everybody at some stage has wanted to run away and join the circus,so during a visit to our arena,  even for a short while, they too can experience the skill with fun and laughter ,or watch our action displays.  

Although we work as a troupe, all of the artiste may be booked individually, which includes  stilt walkers,jugglers,magicians,fakir ,for weddings,parties,in fact any  special occasion.                 

          AKP and Chris at London Illumini